The video-photographic documentation of the artistic process behind the creation of a work by Croce Taravella

Gandolfo Schimmenti, photographer and videomaker, has created a photographic and audiovisual documentation of the creative process behind the creation of a work by Croce Taravella.

Video by Gandolfo Schimmenti

Through this material, it is possible to observe the phases of the creation of a work, which consists of a careful study of the place to be represented through the projection of its image, of the drawing of its structure and of layers and layers of material and colour that are condensed together in a dense painting but at the same time well defined by a very precise architectural grid, within which faces, bodies, visions and memories stand out.

All the documentation was carried out inside the artistic Atelier of Croce Taravella located in Castellana Sicula. Thanks to Gandolfo Schimmenti for the photographic and audiovisual material realized.

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